Westport Camping Grounds is Permanently Closed

Westport Camping Grounds is permanently closed. We are no longer taking reservations. The camp sold and the new owners (Town of Westport) is not keeping it as a camp.

“I am excited to be retiring and starting a new chapter in my life but I am sad that 45 years of hard, but enjoyable work is coming to an end. I have met so many wonderful campers from all over the world and I have heard so many say ‘We had the best times when we camped at Westport Camping Grounds!’. I always made it a goal to provide a clean, safe, peaceful experience in our woodlands that my family has owned since the early 1900s. I feel very satisfied that my long career has been in the outdoors offering others a chance to camp amongst the tall trees and stare up at the starry night sky. The sound of wood crackling in a fire pit in someone’s campsite, the aroma of steak cooking on a grill, and the laughter from campers truly enjoying their stay with us comforts me at this era comes to an end. Thank you to all who have camped with us, worked for us, and supported us through the years. May your journeys continue to equally beautiful places and may you find peace in nature. Farewell!”
– Martin Costa, 508-636-2555 / WestportCamp@aol.com

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