1. Many campers come to Westport Camping Grounds to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. Please observe quiet hours between 11pm and 8am. Minor children are not to be left alone in the camp for any amount of time.
  2. Campfires are allowed but must be confined to their enclosures and completely extinguished before retiring or vacating the site. Do not move fireplaces. One picnic table per site only.
  3. Mopeds, minibikes, ATVs, etc are prohibited in camp. Only one car allowed per site and it must fit on your site. PLEASE DO NOT PARK VEHICLES IN EMPTY SITES! If vehicle does not fit completely in site, park it in the visitor’s parking lot. No visitor cars are allowed in the camp.
  4. Our camp is protected from unwanted visitors with an electronic gate. A gate card is necessary to open gate and enter. A deposit of $10 for use of gate card is required and is refundable.
    THIS CARD IS NON-TRANSFERABLE and abuse of this rule will be grounds for eviction.
  5. We cherish nature and the beauty of our woodlands. Please do not cut or deface any living trees. Leave your site the way you found it…clean! Please discard your rubbish in trash bags and deposit in trash receptacle located in parking lot. No large items such as TVs, grills, etc in trash receptacle.
  6. In an effort to conserve water, no washing of cars or trailers is allowed.
  7. We have coin activated laundry in the basement of the Main House. Hours are 9am – 5pm.
  8. PET OWNERS PLEASE READ: Westport Camping Grounds welcomes your family pets (maximum of 2) that are well behaved and leashed when walking on camp grounds. We discourage bringing adopted “rescue” dogs to the camp because of their limited social behavior in a camp with many other dogs and people. No dogs are to be left in trailer unattended. Constantly barking dogs will not be tolerated. Please have respect for other campers who are enjoying the quiet. Please clean up after your dogs.
  9. In an effort to conserve energy, no electrical tools (like drills or saws) are allowed. Also, no electric heaters.
  10. Any person using profanity, violence, illicit drugs, or under the influence of liquor will be expelled from the camp. Please confine drinking to your site.
  11. Visitors: Visitors are allowed but, on weekends only, we charge a fee of $5 per day (maximum of 5) or $10 for overnight stay. Visitors’ cars must be parked in visitor’s parking lot at entrance to camp. Camper who is renting site is held responsible for their visitor’s behavior. Enjoy the grounds, a campfire, and grilling with friends but please no partying (loud music, excessive drinking, rude behavior).
  12. This is a private campground. We reserve the right to expel any person who violates the above rules in any way without refund of camping fee. Campground shall not be liable under any circumstances for damage to person or property, including visitors, while camping here. Camper agrees to assume such risk.
  13. We do not refund money if you decide to depart earlier than you had planned. Also, we do not refund for inclement weather.


Please note that this campground has been sold and this is our last season in business, closing for good on Oct. 15, 2019.

We are still open for RV only weekly and monthly camping.